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Comfort and strength in Class II correction

Esprit is a true breakthrough in Class II correction. Unlike other Class II correctors, Esprit provides ultimate comfort and maximum durability. And it's all covered under a 100% durability promise.

“I've been able to correct my patient's occlusion and profile with much less pain and discomfort.”Dr. Mike Cook, Sandy, UT

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Product Specs

Technology born through years of research

Esprit is the result of over three years of research and development. Top clinicians like Dr. Robert Miller, Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin, and Dr. Terry McDonald helped design the device, and they tested it in their own clinics. In fact, Esprit underwent the largest clinical evaluation in Opal Orthodontics history.

At a Glance

  • Fully loaded force: 160g–180g
  • Maximum travel distance: 8.25mm
  • Push rod material: 302 stainless steel
  • Total number of cycles tested with no breakage: 1.5 million
  • Laser weld pull strengths for plunger cap: 65lbs (avg.)

Force vs. Displacement

Tested over 1.5 million cycles, Esprit's stainless steel spring consistently produces more force per millimeter than the major competitor.

When we set out the create a Class II corrector that could be considered an actual breakthrough, we knew it would need to provide predictable force while still maintaining a high level of comfort for the patient.

Esprit's stainless steel spring has been tested for fatigue over 1.5 million cycles to ensure it produces consistent, effective force over the course of treatment. In fact, Esprit consistently produced more force per millimeter of activation than the major competitor.

Body and Plunger

Esprit's enclosed spring and laser-welded components allow for ultimate comfort and strength.

Esprit's body and plunger are a true innovation. The body houses a stainless steel spring that is enclosed in a smooth, stainless steel sheath to protect the soft tissues from painful pinching. The end caps of the body are laser welded onto the body, making them completely durable.

The plunger has a dual telescoping feature, and the plunger cap—like the end caps—is laser welded to provide ultimate durability.

Push Rod with Mesial Hook

Esprit's push rod won't bind or bottom out, and its crimpable mesial hook is extremely easy to place.

The push rod is designed to prevent binding and contains a welded stop to prevent it from bottoming out. The mesial attachment has rounded edges for complete comfort, and it can be easily removed with a pair of Weingart pliers. Like other features of Esprit, the mesial hook is laser welded to provide outstanding durability. Plus the crimpable end is easy to clamp shut, and the cut angle prevents rolling while also eliminating the need for a comfort bend.

Distal Clip

Esprit's distal clip is easy to install and will not disengage during treatment.

Esprit offers two types of distal attachment. Both attachments are easy to install and provide reliable treatment. The first type of attachment is the distal clip. The clip consists of the clip, two pins, a rotating "horn", and a hook that can be bent. This bendable hook provides complete control, allowing the clinician to bend it in to restrict movement or bend it out to increase movement. The clip locks closed easily and stays closed during the entire treatment. It's CNC machined for complete durability, and its rounded edges provide maximum patient comfort.

Euclid Pin

Esprit's Euclid pin requires no measuring or cutting, and it bends in only one spot.

The patented Euclid pin gives the clinician an additional option when determining which type of distal attachment is best. The pin is easy to attach and requires no measuring or cutting prior to placement. It has a small notch that allows it to easily bend in only one spot, and it's tapered, so it fits all headgear tubes. Like other Esprit components, the Euclid pin is CNC machined for precision and strength, and it's smooth for patient comfort.


  • Class II to Class I in 4 months

    • (1 of 3) 15-year-old female presented with Class II occlusion.

      Photos courtesy of Dr. Robert Miller

    • (2 of 3) Esprit Class II corrector installed 8 months into treatment.

    • (3 of 3) Final results. Total treatment time of 17 months. Total Esprit treatment time of 4 months.

  • Class II to Class I in 4 months

    • (1 of 3) 13.5-year-old female presented with Class II occlusion.

      Photos courtesy of Dr. Robert Miller

    • (2 of 3) Xbow and Esprit Class II corrector installed.

    • (3 of 3) Final results. Total treatment time of 20 months. Total Esprit and Xbow treatment time of 4 months.


  • 1. Measure from behind headgear tube to desired arch wire position using Esprit measuring device.

  • 2. CLIP : Insert clip pin from mesial end.
        PIN : Insert Euclid pin through Esprit body and into headgear tube through distal opening.

  • 3. CLIP : Clamp down on headgear tube and bottom of clip with Weingart pliers until you hear a click sound.
        PIN : Bend pin over headgear tube. (Note, pin will always bend in the same spot, so no measuring or cutting of pin is required.)

  • 4. Place the mesial hook over the arch wire either distal to the 3 or distal to the 4, and clamp in place on arch wire.

  • 5. To remove clip, insert plastic instrument or Fischer Packer below headgear tube and twist.


Sales Brochure

Download the Esprit sales brochure

Looking for a printable version of the information contained in this website? Download a copy of the Esprit sales brochure.

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Warranty Info

Try Esprit without the worry. It's guaranteed.

Esprit is covered by an industry-first 100% durability promise. If any part of the device breaks at any time during treatment, just send it back, and we'll issue you a replacement at no cost.

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Technique Guide

Download the Esprit technique guide

Sometimes you need to see the whole technique in one spot. Download the technique guide for easy referencing, or print it out and keep a copy next to each chair in your clinic.

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Patient Testimonial

Hear why patients love Esprit

During clinical testing, Esprit was unanimously chosen as the most comfortable Class II corrector. Watch the video to hear one patient talk about her experience with the Esprit Class II corrector.

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